The ECOSAFE Wastewater Treatment Plant Design

The design of the ECOSAFE Wastewater Treatment Plant has remained virtually unchanged since it was originally developed by Brian Hawthorne in 1994.  The ECOSAFE philosophy on wastewater treatment system is:

  • A passive treatment process;
  • Minimal maintenance requirements;
  • Minimal reliance on mechanical components;
  • Minimal reliance on power supply;
  • Minimal reliance on technology;
  • Additional capacities for peak loads;
  • Quality of components and construction.

By successfully applying these principles, ECOSAFE have developed a treatment system that can operate trouble free for a lifetime!

Features of the Ecosafe system are:

  • Large twin compartment primary treatment capacity;
  • Gravity fed aerobic sand filter for the secondary/advanced secondary treatment process.

The large primary treatment tank provides robustness for the overall process and ability to handle peak loads.  The gravity fed aerobic sand filter provides the following advantages:

  • Ability to cope with peak hydraulic loads.
  • Reliability as it does not rely on a dosing pump
  • A huge internal storage capacity, in excess of 5000 litres, that the system utilises during power supply outages.  The Ecosafe Aerobic Sand Filter continues to treat water to secondary effluent standard even when this storage capacity is 90% utilised.  This inherent feature is unique to the ECOSAFE design.  Pressure dosed systems do not have this feature.

ECOSAFE Testimonials

We would like to thank all our clients who have written a testimonial on their ECOSAFE system.  It was great to hear everyone’s positive feedback.  If you are researching a wastewater treatment plant I urge you to read our testimonials  to hear actual clients’ experiences.  In some cases our clients comment on friends and neighbours and their experiences with other brands.

It was also great to hear from clients with our very old domestic and commercial installations that have now been operating trouble free for over 18 years.

Good to read all the positive comments about the annual servicing provided by Peter Hawthorne at Filtercare.