Advantages of Using Ecosafe


  • Ecosafe uses internationally recognised best practice technology – Aerobic sand filtration is currently recognised as industry “best practice” for on-site wastewater treatment.  This claim may be confirmed from numerous sources including a State Government evaluation of on-site wastewater treatment systems.
  • Highest quality treated effluent – Ecosafe’s final effluent is clear and odourless.  Results are typically 5 to 10 times better than from a prefabricated aerated system.  The graph below shows the findings of a QLD Government evaluation of on-site wastewater treatment systems.  Acceptable limits for BOD5 and SS are 20mg/l and 30mg/l respectively.  Results above these values demonstrate failure to comply with these regulatory requirements.


Data is obtained from QLD Department of Natural Resources and Mines Water Industry Compliance report.  Please contact us if you require a complete copy of this report.


  • Most reliable system available – Ecosafe has only one mechanical component, the irrigation pump, which is covered by the manufacturer’s 2 year guarantee.  There are no mechanical components within the treatment process or between treatment stages.  The entire treatment process is completely passive by use of gravity.
  • Lowest operational costs – Even though some of the prefabricated aeration systems may cost less initially, by the time servicing, de-sludging, electricity and replacement air-blowers are taken into consideration the Ecosafe system is by far the most cost effective option.


Data is obtained from survey of service, repair and pump-out businesses conducted in January 2014.  Please contact us if you require a copy of our operating cost breakdown report.

  • Only one service per year is required – The Ecosafe System does not require on-going 3 monthly service contracts.  Ecosafe requires only an annual service.
  • Should the irrigation pump fail – Ecosafe is the only system on the market in which a mechanical component failure does not constitute a “State of Emergency” requiring immediate remedial action.  Hence no unsightly warning lights or alarms are mounted on the Ecosafe unit itself.  Although this situation is very rare the Ecosafe unit can still accept and treat the usual volume of wastewater for up to a few days.
  • Ecosafe continues to operate for extended periods without power – Ecosafe is also the only system on the market that can operate during an extended “power blackout” period, up to a few days, with moderate restriction on water usage.
  • No Exhaust Vent in Ecosafe – The mechanically aerated systems all incorporate an exhaust vent for the purpose of continually discharging decomposition gases (sewage smells) to the atmosphere from the tank containing the air blower. In most instances this occurs 24/7. The treatment tank on the Ecosafe is completely sealed thus avoiding this major odour problem for the householder and nearby neighbours.
  • No Noisy Air Blowers in Ecosafe – The bane of the prefabricated aeration systems is the air-blower.  This component operates 24/7 continuously and is prone to frequent break-down (typically every 2 to 3 years) and is very expensive to replace.  Aerated systems typically do not provide warranties greater than 12 months on their air-blower or their pumps because of the high failure rate.
  • The Ecosafe system can withstand long periods of non-usage – The large volume of sand in the filter retains sufficient moisture to keep the bacteria alive.  With the prefabricated aerated systems, if the power is turned off or the house is unoccupied for long periods, the bacteria dies and expensive reactivation is necessary.
  • The Ecosafe process is entirely biological – It is therefore not dependant on disinfection (eg. Chlorine, Ozonation or UV) for successful operation.  However if surface spraying is adopted as the means of disposal of the treated effluent, the Council may require (as a public health safeguard) that disinfection be provided by the owner.  For this reason all Ecosafe units incorporate a chlorine tablet dispenser as standard equipment.
  • Ecosafe quotes a fully installed cost – Ecosafe’s ‘in-place’ price includes transport, excavation, placement in position and backfilling.  A factory price as quoted by others excludes these costs.  Ecosafe provides a detailed QBCC compliant contract with every information kit.
  • No unsightly flashing lights above the unit – The Ecosafe system includes a small neon light for installation in your laundry to warn should the irrigation pump fail (The rising water level activates the light).  No need for audible alarm systems that requires immediate attention.