How Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Workssymbol

Aerobic Sand Filtration is regarded as one of the worlds ‘best practices’ in the treatment of wastewater. This claim can be confirmed from numerous sources including a State Government evaluation of on-site wastewater treatment systems.

The unique design of the Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant has achieved QLD and NSW Government approval for ‘gravity feed’ (avoiding the need for a pump).

All of the household wastewater flows into a large in-ground precast concrete Primary Tank where the initial treatment occurs by natural separation, sedimentation and fermentation processes. Here anaerobic bacterial decomposition occurs.

The resulting primary-treated effluent from the Primary Tank then undergoes secondary treatment by passing into and through the Ecosafe Aerobic Sand Filter. This Secondary Treatment is achieved by the action of microbiological culture within the Sand Filter. This Sand Filter is built ‘in-ground’ and sized to suit the volume of effluent to be treated. This stage completes the treatment process.

The treated effluent then gravitates to a precast concrete Pumpwell fitted with an automatic submersible irrigation pump for discharge to the approved Land Application Area.

Ecosafe constantly achieves excellent final effluent results in the most passive, environmentally friendly manner.