Property with Multiple Dwellings – Installed 2018

“All members of the Ecosafe team – sales, installation and office personnel – could not have been more helpful in getting our new system connected to two houses organised and installed. They all acted in both a professional and courteous manner. They always communicated with us very effectively and responded quickly to answer any of our questions.

Ecosafe also recommended a local plumber who we engaged  to manage the connections to both houses. This “one stop shop” made the process an easy one.

Our installation site is quite “bushy” but the team managed to install everything without disturbing the site. The installation went smoothly within a day, and the site was tidy and “back to normal” when they left. We hardly notice it being there.

I have every confidence in recommending the Ecosafe team.”

Mooloolah, Sunshine Coast

Installed 2018 on Acreage Property

“Ecosafe’s enviro-friendly credentials were a big motivator for us choosing to install this system on our Sunshine Coast acreage property.

I came across Ecosafe while researching sand filtration systems online. I knew it was the way to go after speaking to a man that had done the effluent report and could attest to the benefits of sand filtration.

The fact that the pump doesn’t need to run all the time was a huge selling feature, as was its natural, gravity fed design. Ecosafe’s energy efficiency, only one service per year, low maintenance and cost effectiveness were also reasons why we chose Ecosafe.

I’d happily recommend Ecosafe to others, it’s a better option for the planet!”

Roxy K
Mount Mellum, Sunshine Coast

Installed December 2014

I would like to say that it was an absolute pleasure to have the Ecosafe boys (oh OK men!) here to do the work.  They were fantastic.  Professional, friendly and willing to answer whatever question I asked of them so that I could understand what they were doing and why.  It is so nice to watch a qualified, proficient and skilled team at work.

Congratulations on choosing them as your work team, they are fantastic ambassadors for Ecosafe.

Mooloolah Valley

New Ecosafe installation

We are very happy with our Ecosafe HSTP installation. We chose Ecosafe on the advice of a friend who also has one of their units. The company was keen to give us all the information we needed to make our choice; to answer all of our questions and help to make plans with a preinstallation visit; and to make sure we had all the documents needed for council approval.

On the day of the installation the team showed up on time and by the end of the day, everything was finished and working. They were cheerful and professional throughout the day, and levelled and tidied up the site before leaving. The effluent  at the end of the process is clear and odourless.

We would not hesitate to recommend Ecosafe to anyone needing a HSTP on their property.

Chris & Joy

Ecosafe system – 13 years old

Since purchasing the above system in 2002, I have reflected on both the integrity of the system itself and on the level of professionalism involved in its installation.

  1. The system has worked flawlessly since installed and I am still amazed at the quality and clarity of processed waste water. The sand filter bed system and secondary tank pump combination, has required no maintenance of any kind.
  2. From the point of ordering, through to the installation and on to periodical checks of this system, I have experienced a high standard of customer satisfaction. Nothing is left to chance and it is obvious ‘THE HAWTHORNE FAMILY’ take a lot of pride in their services.

I can confidently recommend both the Operator and the Product, knowing first hand that RELIABILITY AND PROFESSIONALISM WILL BE RECEIVED.

Noosa, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

We have had the ECO SAFE home sewerage treatment plant for approximately 12 years now. It has been trouble free at all times. We noted from our electricity provider that the system, and requiring only one pump motor, was only costing between $10 and $15 dollars per annum to run!!!! We have compared our system with immediate neighbours and found that other systems were running two pump motors, and their power consumption was not much less than power consumed by swimming pool pumps.

A further advantage is that the ECO SAFE system requires only one (1) service per annum, compared to four (4) services per annum for the other systems!!! Further, the test results from every annual service have been of an extremely high standard. The service provided by Mr. Peter HAWTHORNE (FILTERCARE) has always been efficient and courteous. Mr. HAWTHORNE also provided and installed our system in 2002.

I/we have no hesitation in recommending Mr. HAWTHORNE (FILTERCARE) and the ECO SAFE system to one and all.

Signed M.P. & R. (Myles)
Burpengary East, QLD

Ecosafe system – 16 years old

My Testament to my Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant

After much research via the internet and by speaking with many people living on rural properties using many different types of septic systems, I decided to go with a Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant which is a sand filter system with a pump out of waste filtered water to non edible garden area. This is a Council approved system.

Our system is serviced by Filtercare, who has about 20 years experience with this product.

Our Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant was installed in 1998, over the past 16 years we have not experienced any major problems with our system. Having the system serviced by Peter Hawthorne each year is very reassuring to know that everything is in good working order and complies with council regulations.

Recently I experienced an incident while at my neighbour’s place who was having a problem with his 2 year old air-blower system. The plumber was very happy to bad mouth my Ecosafe system in favour of the one he had installed for my neighbour, until, I pointed out that his had a problem after only 2 years and I have had no problems with my Ecosafe system in over 16 years. He became very quiet.

I am very happy with my Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant and would not hesitate to recommend this system to anyone.

Denis and Jan
Tewantin, QLD

Ecosafe system – 6 years old

I have had an Xxxx-Xxxx treatment plant for years, it was supposed to be the best at the time but they have not improved on it.

Xxxxxx is a fairly inexpensive system, but what can I say you get what you pay for. Eco Safe is the best we have tried, with the others if the wrong chemical goes down the drain, bad odour, with Eco Safe does not make you pay for these accidents for days and days with a horrible smell.

Maryvale, Qld

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

When we decided to build our home there was no septic system in Greenmount.

A thorough search on our part discovered three different septic systems that were worth investigating.

  1. One system entailed the pumps running all the time with compulsory inspections every quarter. In our opinion they are noisy and the maintenance costs will be excessive because the air pump operating 24/7 would need replacing quite frequently. There are a few of these installed around our town. One neighbour told me that there have been two air-blowers and two computer boards replaced in 9 years in their system.

  2. Another one appealed to us because the toilet was dry (water saving) and the discharge was suitable for fertilizer on the garden (keen gardeners). The designer/manufacturer had many problems obtaining approval and was unable to market the system.

  3. The name Ecosafe was given to us and we investigated this system. It was designed by a passionate engineer who considered all facets of septic tanks & systems before obtaining approval & marketing the concept. This system was slightly dearer than the others but only required annual inspections. The pump only operates when required, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Our Ecosafe was installed in 2002 with much due care and attention, attended by the designer. The water in the pump well has no aroma is clear and clean before it is pumped out into a reticulation system under the garden beds. There are no fancy electronics. There is an electrical safety circuit, which has operated only once since 2012. It indicated that the pump had failed. I replaced the pump with little trouble and the system is working well again. Total maintenance costs equals annual inspections and one pump in 12 years!

Toowoomba, QLD

Ecosafe system – 16 years old

Our Ecosafe septic system has performed flawlessly since it was installed over 16 years ago (in 1997). We chose Ecosafe over other systems because all other systems that were available required more frequent servicing than the Ecosafe system, some as often as every three months, and no others measured up to the quality of the output of the Ecosafe system. We have been, and still are, completely happy with it. The output of the system has always been perfectly clear and odourless and has never been a worry – it is, truly “Ecosafe”. There has been no negative impact on the local ecosystem – in fact, if anything it has benefitted from our Ecosafe system. The system has never required any maintenance or repairs other than the annual servicing. One tip is to be sure to use a knowledgeable service agent like Filtercare. One year, I used a local plumber listed as approved by my local council rather than Filtercare and the plumber did not perform the service properly. With Filtercare I don’t need to remember when the service is due because they contact me annually when it’s due and arrange to do it and they do it properly. I highly recommend the Ecosafe septic system and Filtercare.

South Burnett, QLD

Ecosafe system – 18 years old

Our Ecosafe waste water treatment system was installed in 1996, when our home was built. Since that time it has given trouble free service, requiring a minimum of maintenance. Ecosafe have maintained a programme of annual tests of the system’s performance, and after 18 years, it is still functioning correctly, with outflow water quality still at a high standard. Since installation, the system has required no structural replacements or repairs, and still uses its original automatic outflow pump to pump treated water into soakage trenches. We have never detected any unpleasant odours or seepage from the system, even when it is dealing with sudden shock loads when extended visits from friends and family members occur. Even after lengthy periods of inactivity when we are away, the system reactivates without any problems. The fact that the system only requires servicing once every twelve months, means that running costs are extremely low. Ecosafe staff have been very helpful with advice as to how to care for the system, and following their advice to avoid using chemicals/cleaning agents are not compatible with the treatment process, has contributed to its success. On the basis of our experience, we are able to strongly recommend the Ecosafe Waste Water Treatment System.

Ian & Margaret
Maidenwell, QLD

Ecosafe system – 13 years old

I am very proud to write a testimonial for the EcoSafe system we have. I think Peter does a fantastic job and the product and installation was top quality. Here is what I have written:

We have been really happy with the EcoSafe Wastewater Treatment system we installed when building our house. The system is simple smart and green; but there are a number of other reasons I chose EcoSafe over the others. It uses only one pump with minimal daily use, we can add chlorine tablets when needed and visually the system is unobtrusive. The best part of this system though, is that after installation the servicing is annual not quarterly. Because both the installation and maintenance sides are a family business I deal with the same person who is an expert on my system. He contacts me when it’s due and its hassle free. I would choose this system again if we build again.

Family of five, Burpengary
EcoSafe System 13 years old

Burpengary, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

In 2003 my wife and I decided to build a home on Tamborine Mountain, a community reliant on rainfall storage, groundwater bores, and private wastewater disposal because of the lack of any form of reticulated water supply or sewerage disposal systems on the plateau. Our master builder, Peter Dietzel, recommended we install an ECOSAFE WASTEWATER TREATMENT system. Coming from Brisbane we had no prior knowledge of the ramifications of any of the disposal systems available and went along with our builder’s suggestion.

That decision of ours was one of the best we have ever made. Our ECOSAFE system has been in operation for 11 years and has never, repeat never, given us any trouble at all or caused us the slightest worry. The system is a simple though cleverly thought out and extremely effective means of waste disposal. Apart from its absolute reliability and trouble-free functionality, one single yearly inspection is all that is needed to ensure maximum operating efficiency.

The ECOSAFE system consists of a main initial storage tank into which all the household wastewater and sewerage drains, and where an initial bacterial reaction takes place. Through a float system the effluent flows to a dispersal tank and rubble trenches via a deep sand filter and collection pipe. As the effluent seeps through the sand pit, a bacterium grows and removes all the organic matter from the waste liquid. Gradually there is a build up of sludge material in the main tank, which is pumped out when it reaches a set level. In 11 years we have had the tank pumped only once. There is also an alert system in place consisting of a red light in the laundry that illuminates if the float in the dispersal tank reaches a set level. In 11 years the light has come on only once when Tamborine Mountain suffered torrential downpours due to cyclone ‘Oswald’ on Australia day 2013 and the ground, including the sand pit, was saturated. During a pause in the rain the light went out as the system coped with the excess water.

The only contributions my wife and I make to the efficient and trouble-free operation of our ECOSAFE system is to never put anything toxic or germicidal into it. We use cleaning materials such as ‘Earth Choice’ or others as recommended by FILTERCARE, the after-installation branch of the ECOSAFE Company. We do not dispose of chemicals, antibiotics, chlorine or excess fat down our drains and never clean paint brushes in the laundry tubs. All in all, simple common sense usage. Every second month I put a chlorine tablet into the dispersal tank access pipe (that is, after the sand filter) to disinfect the treated water. To my eye the water in the dispersal tank always looks perfectly clean, but FILTERCARE’s Peter Hawthorne takes a sample each year to make sure everything is functioning as it should and furnishes us with a copy of the annual report he sends to the Scenic Rim Regional Council.

I would be happy to confirm our complete satisfaction with the ECOSAFE WASTEWATER TREATMENT system and to attest to all of the above to any interested party.

Tamborine Mountain


I have been using Eco-Safe Waste Water Treatment system as my preferred supplier on most of my major building projects for the last 15yrs.

In that time I have never had any complaints from Owners, nor have I been notified of any problems from any system that has been installed.

It is an easy product to sell to my customers, as it is so low maintenance and trouble free I have the confidence that it will always do the job that it was designed for.

Eco-Safe is also very professional in their approach, from the moment of installation, until the final piece of paperwork for Contractual obligations & WPH & Safety; everything is addressed with expertise and proficiency, including the most challenging of work sites, where they have delivered great outcomes for the seemingly impossible.

I have no hesitation in recommending Eco-Safe, to anyone looking for a reliable, efficient, trouble free and long lasting effluent treatment system.

Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ecosafe system – 5 years old

Our Ecosafe system was installed in September 2009. The system has operated economically, efficiently and trouble-free since this time. Filtercare perform a yearly service check as required by Council, always first contacting us to arrange a convenient time.

It is always a pleasure dealing with the Ecosafe staff as they are so courteous and professional. We can highly recommend this company!

Anne and Tony
Beaudesert, QLD

Ecosafe system – 10 years old

RE: Our Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment System

We have been residing on our two acre properly for approaching ten years. The Ecosafe system has been installed for all of that time.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with this system. In all this time we have had no problems at all with the system. There has never been any odour emanating from the tanks and it only requires one service per year. The operating costs are very low and we consider them to be very reasonable.

We must also express our satisfaction with the service provided. Peter contacts us to arrange a time to carry out the annual service. He always arrives at the time agreed upon and is a very friendly obliging person.

We would have no hesitation in recommending an Ecosafe system to anyone needing such a system.

Brian and Wendy
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

In 2002 we built our house in an area with no mains waste disposal. I am a former Environmental Manager and Hydrologist so had some interest in ensuring a safe waste management system for our property. Several systems were considered and we very quickly decided upon an Ecosafe system because of its simplicity of operation, its acceptance under Council Regulations, and because of my belief in its environmental safety.

Our system has now operated without a glitch for 12 years. We have only had one sludge pumpout in that time and that has been to only cost incurred other than the very low electrical cost and need for annual required Council inspections, all of which have been passed. Ecosafe have kept us supplied with lists of safe cleansers etc that can be used and we have followed these suggestions and am sure this has been a significant factor in our trouble free operation over 12 years.

Cooroy, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

We have had an Ecosafe wastewater treatment system since March 2000. Our system is located near our balcony and we had no problems with noise or odour from our system, in fact we have had no problems with the system!

Joanne & Pat
Woombye, QLD

Ecosafe system – 13 years old

We have been very happy with our Ecosafe system and the service provided by Peter Hawthorne.

Our system is 13 years old, and services 4 people, plus regular visitors. The System has always passed annual council testing, and the costs are minimal since we are only required to have it serviced and tested once a year. We understand other systems require quarterly maintenance.

There is no noise or smell from the system and it pretty much runs itself without us having to think about it other than once a year.

Marita and Steve
Brisbane, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

My new house was built in 2000. I had an Ecosafe treatment plant installed at that time. The equipment is located next to, but below the house on a sloping block. It has been an excellent system, with absolutely no odours or noise and one annual service makes it easy to maintain. I could thoroughly recommend these systems to any potential users.

Nambour, QLD

Ecosafe system – 7 years old

We built our home in 2007 and installed an Ecosafe system. Our system is positioned along the side of the house with the pit located in, and forming part of, our courtyard where it causes no visual impact. The system has performed perfectly without problems and we have absolutely no smell or noise.
Installing an Ecosafe system was an easy decision.

Jim & Jenny
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 9 years old

Our Ecosafe system was installed in 2005 and has been faultless in its operation. We chose Ecosafe as we rely on solar power only. The energy required to run it is so minimal a very small panel and battery are sufficient. Low service costs, zero odour or noise makes you forget it’s there.

Mal & Wendy
Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

I have lived in my current residence for 10 years, during that time, I have only had to replace the pump once and generally I have been very happy with the performance of the Ecosafe system that was installed in 2000. There is very little if any maintenance required. It provides a really great way to recycle all water used through the entire household. This is important because the only water supply that is available is tank water.

Kingaroy, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

We installed an Ecosafe-Filtercare system in 2002. We are extremely happy with the system as there is no smell, only 1 service per year and only one pump. The impact on the environment is minimal and the costs are low. We have had no problems with the system since installation.

Our son was so impressed with our system that he had one installed in 2012.

Chris & Nadia
Ningi, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

We would like to give you some positive feedback on your company. Even though we had an Ecosafe at Mt Tamborine we hadn’t been involved in the installation of the system. However at Montville we have met everyone involved with the process, from Tom to the boys who put the system in today. They could not have been more polite, friendly, organised, efficient and helpful. You and your family deserve to be proud of the way you run your company.

We will recommend your company to anybody needing such a system.

John and Julie
Montville, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

Getting close to service time again and I’m just making sure that you have removed our address from your schedule. We have sold to developers and the house is due to be demolished, we are moving out this weekend and from then no one will be living at this house.

Thankyou for your good service and of course good product these last 11 years.

Don and Sharon
Brisbane, QLD

Ecosafe system – 16 years old

Installed sixteen years ago, and having yearly inspections by the staff of Ecosafe, our system is still odourless and has required no maintenance during that time.

Maurie and Fay
Gold Coast, QLD

Ecosafe system – 6 years old

We installed the Ecosafe sand filter system over 6 years ago after recommendation from a prominent hydraulics consultant and haven’t had an ounce of trouble with it. One of the cost saving aspects of this system is that it doesn’t have any blowers or ultraviolet lights running 24/7 but only has a pump which turns on when it needs to. When the water is disbursed there is no odour and if you put the water into a glass it is clear and not cloudy. We would recommend this sand filter system to anyone needing to install a home sewage system on their property.

Ron & Jenny
Sunshine Coast Hinterland, QLD

Ecosafe system – 6 years old

We had our Ecosafe installed in November 2008 as part of a renovation and extension that required us to replace the existing septic and grey water systems.

We have been extremely happy with the Ecosafe system as it has functioned without fault, is very low maintenance and produces very good quality output that is clean and odourless.

We selected the system based on our own research and the recommendation of our trusted builder. We are very happy with the decision and we will use Ecosafe whenever we build in an area that is not serviced.

Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

In 2000 we needed to make a decision regarding the treatment of our septic waste. The old pit system had ended its useful life and was not a viable option to install another trench. We looked at a number of systems and processes including the installation of a pump out tank. In making our decision we looked at expected life of the system (we based our projection on a 10 year cycle), maintenance costs and the initial $ outlay.

Although there were cheaper systems particularly relating to start-up costs, over a 10 year cycle the ECOSAFE system was very competitive.

We have a family of 5, with (at times) up to 15 visitors using the system over a number of days.

It’s now 2014. The only expense we have incurred is the replacement of the scavenger pump in the pump out tank (twice in 14 years). The system has endured flooding rain and drought with no adverse effect.

We have yet to pump out the primary sludge tank which is currently running at around 60 % waste. Surprisingly this system has exceeded expectation with the sludge and scum level remaining static over the past 3 years. The biological activity within the system consumes the waste, and on current usage it is possible that we may never have to have this tank emptied.

Our advantage with our set up is that the system is only fed waste from the septic. We have a separate system for the collection of grey water. In this set up we reduce the amount of unnatural waste contaminants that can infiltrate the ECOSAFE system. Although the system is capable of handling this waste stream, by not including this waste it appears we have created an indefinite environment for the treatment of septic waste.

We are very pleased with the ongoing performance of the system and the support we receive. Based on the results to date, this decision to install ECOSAFE is proving to be the most cost effective solution for waste treatment, particularly as we are approaching the retirement phase of our lives and need to manage household costs. Well worth the initial investment.

Kureelpa, QLD

Ecosafe system – 9 years old

In 2005 we had an ECOSAFE system installed on our property which services two houses. At the time there were cheaper systems available but they had moving parts, such as aerators which I felt would eventually cause problems. A friend of ours did have an aerator fail recently so I am pleased I made the right decision.

Now 9 years later, our system has been trouble free and our daughter, who put one in her property about the same time, has also found hers to be trouble free. At a recent council inspection, the inspector took a sample out of the system and went out of his way to find me to show me how crystal clear the water was.

ECOSAFE service the system once a year at a very minimum fee and I thought over the years this might escalate but it has not so we are very happy with this.

ECOSAFE have always been very courteous and Peter Hawthorne always rings to let us know when they are coming to service it.

On their last visit, I told Peter if they wished they could use us as a recommendation.

Gold Coast, QLD

Replacing Septic System on Acreage Property – Installed 2018

“We chose Ecosafe after speaking to our plumber and doing our own research online.

All members of the Ecosafe team could not have been more helpful in decommissioning and removing the old HSTP system before installing a new Ecosafe one. The previous waste water sewer system had been quite troublesome with regular odour and treated water/spray leaks occurring over many months.

At every stage of the process, Ecosafe were prompt with communication and getting the installation started.

On the day of installation, they arrived early and worked all day as a team to complete it, even going the extra mile to deliver a quality finish to the site landscape.

Ecosafe were very well organised, having each step of the installation process meticulously planned out.”

Pearce B
Samford, Brisbane

Ecosafe system – 5 years old

I have every confidence in recommending the Ecosafe system installed on our “life-style” property at Apple Tree Creek.

The system was installed during Winter in 2010 as the renovations to a house moved onto the the property were being undertaken; due to timing constraints the system having been installed was not connected to the house for 5 months; when it was connected, having sat idle for all that time, was pushed into overdrive, with 6 adults and 4 teenagers moving in for Christmas and the house occupancy was never less than the 10 people and sometimes more were staying for a week – the system has coped from day 1 without a hitch.

The personal service from the people at Ecosafe on the annual visit is always notified, the appointment met and follow up advice and reminders about the system provided professionally and courteously.

Apple Tree Creek

New Ecosafe installation

I am pleased to be able to convey my complete satisfaction via this offered testimonial. The decision to use the Ecosafe system plus the service and support has and continues to be a hassle free and an overall satisfying experience. I looked at many other treatment plant systems available on the market and what made me choose Ecosafe was the systems simplicity and the expert guidance I received . I regularly look back on what “could have happened” if I had listened to some other companies that provided me with what I now know is incorrect advice. Frankly, I just shake my head sometimes and count my lucky stars.

After 2 years using the Ecosafe system, I can assure you that although not the cheapest on the market – Ecosafe is the only way to go and the price is fair and reasonable for the end result. Also, remember no requirement to pay for “venting” electricity charges which also means No Smell At All …

Bridgeman Downs

Ecosafe system – 5 years old

I’d like to say how happy I have been with my Ecosafe system. I’ve had it installed since 2009 and have had no problems at all. When I was deciding which system to use when building my home I researched the other systems as well, my neighbour has the worm system and with the excess rain they have had to dig it out twice to fix and there is only 2 of them in the house.

The aerated bubbler systems with all the pumps is what most of my friends have got and it costs them a fortune, one didn’t even pass the 1st council review. They have replaced pumps already. I have had nothing but clean water sprinkling my yard making it lovely and green and I couldn’t be more happy. I was actually told by my local council the sand systems have less problems from their end. The reason my friends chose the systems they did was they were too lazy to research and went with who their builders had contracted.

Might I add I was invited to Ningi Ecosafe to look at how the system worked, the staff are friendly and obliging and the service before and after is fantastic. I would recommend this system to everyone.

Glasshouse Mountains, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

We have owned an Ecosafe Sewerage System for twelve years now and it has been trouble free during this time. Our servicing has been yearly compared to our neighbours who undergo quarterly services per year. Our system has performed so well that it has never failed council testing. Both our neighbours have systems that pungently smells often and usually for two to three days. Their systems have also on occasion, failed the council testing and are frequently requiring attention.

I have no hesitation in recommending the Ecosafe System and we will be building another house on acreage soon which will also contain another Ecosafe System.

Burpengary, QLD

Ecosafe system – 8 years old

When we started looking for a treatment system I remembered my sister had a treatment plant with an aerator that was replaced within 5 years, which was a fairly substantial cost and it seemed to be constantly needing servicing. So when we purchased our rural block of land we were very conscious of this fact and did a lot of research into the various systems available. When we went to the garden show and we discovered the Ecosafe system it ticked all the boxes, only annual service and no aerator.

Before making our final decision we talked to my neighbour, we were comparing the costs and maintenance, and although his system was cheaper to start with, within 4 years the cost had evened out with his higher costs continuing. Funny enough the day after we had this conversation his aerator blew-up yet again.

We installed Ecosafe in 2006, and have not had a problem. The boys who did the install were great and easy to deal with and I would recommend Ecosafe to anyone.

Nambour, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

We have had our Ecosafe system in service now for just over 11yrs now and functioning perfectly so far, our neighbours wished they had an Ecosafe now, as they are now starting to have maintenance problems with their air-pump motors.

We are very happy with our Ecosafe system at Cooroibah and when we have the opportunity to advise people we meet about on site waste systems we invite them to come and have a look at the best, cost effective,(one inspection per year), simple, durable, system on the market today, with friendly expert backup since day one.

Cooroibah, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

My name is Maree and I live on Mount Tamborine QLD.

I have had my system for 11 years now, I haven’t had any problems. I’ve had no smells, never hear a motor, and each November when Peter comes I have been pleasantly surprised. I say that because my daughters have other systems, they are both being serviced four times a year. One daughter has had two new air blowers in 12 years. The other daughter has had a new air blower and smells, and her services weren’t checked properly. They also pay $500.00 a year for the quarterly services.

I went with Ecosafe even though it was more expensive because I would have the extra cost back in two years.

I did the right thing, going with Ecosafe.

Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 17 years old

In 1997 we decided on Ecosafe due to its environmentally friendly, no chemical, no in-tank pumps or filters to break down. Its design was low tech, had minimal chance of failure and required little maintenance. Other friends had problems with the usual bio type systems with internal pumps and filters requiring electrical connections, alarms and quarterly inspections. Council originally required no further inspections of the Ecosafe system after its initial inspection. Later on they required an annual inspection.

We had our Ecosafe installed and have been using it since 1997. It was apparently the first sand filter sewerage treatment system installed on the Gold Coast.

The concrete tank was placed under our elevated house due to logistics. It has about a meter above it for access and pumping out. The sand filter is next to the house with grass growing on top. Any odour from the system is only detectable if the inspection holes are opened or not sealed on the concrete tank. There has never been any odour as water flows through the final pump housing where water can sit waiting to be pumped out (No smell even with the cover off) . There has never been a smell from the sand filter bed either. The water at the exit has always been odour free and clear. The plants getting the nutrients and water from the system can clearly be seen.

We have had our system 17 years and had the tank pumped out 3 times (4 person household). Apart from the annual inspections by Filtercare, I have changed the pump once, cleaned the inspection filter out once.

Filtercare annual checks haven’t found anything untoward and the main benefits of the inspections being updated advice on products to use in the house and when we need to arrange for the tank to be pumped out.

We can thoroughly recommend Ecosafe. The initial cost of the system was higher than other bio systems but as our friends have just had their failed bio system replaced with a matching bio system at over $10,000, we feel financially we are also well ahead and the system has probably paid for itself already with no council sewerage rates, annual inspections and lower maintenance.

Steve and Sue
Gold Coast, QLD

Ecosafe system – 18 years old

I just want to say how pleased I have been with my Ecosafe treatment plant at my Bunya Mountains home.

When I planned to build my home in 1995/6, as a former licensed Plumber, Drainer & Gasfitter (self employed for fourteen years), I wanted something better than the standard “Septic System” & “Sullage Trenches”. After much deliberation and consultation with the Nanango Council Plumbing Inspector of the day, I settled on the Ecosafe Waste Water Treatment System.

In the 18 years since installation, the system has worked brilliantly, and other than the annual inspection, has needed minimal maintenance. I see no reason that it will not continue to work as efficiently for the next 20 years+.

Bunya Mountains, QLD

Ecosafe system – 15 years old

We had our Ecosafe wastewater treatment system installed in 1999. Throughout the past 15 years the Ecosafe has operated completely trouble free. During this time we have also received excellent service from Peter Hawthorne at Filtercare.

We like the Ecosafe system because of its low maintenance, low operating costs and there is no smell. Also the service requirements are annually instead of quarterly (as we have heard some systems are).

Peter contacts us and arranges the service every year and there are no problems. This is great for people of our age (both turned 80 now) because its hassle free and we don’t have to worry about anything.

It has been a pleasure dealing with such professional, knowledge people as Peter and his crew.

Arnie and Jo
Noosa, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

My system is 12 years old and is going good. Has not given me any trouble and there is no smell.

Gympie, QLD

Ecosafe system – 13 years old

I have had our Eco-Safe system at our property for the past 13 years, and it’s still working well today.

When we built our house 13 years ago, we did our homework on what system we were going to put in. ECO-SAFE were the only one out of four we looked at that were prompt in sending someone out to explain where we could put it, and the only system that was once a year service, and no air blower.

We have been very pleased over the past 13 years with the system as we are a big family of 8 and often have 20-30 people over on weekends, with the system never letting us down.

I would recommend an Eco-Safe system to anyone that needs a home treatment plant.

Mooloolah, QLD


Just a letter of thanks to Ecosafe for the sales and support of their unique Ecosafe Waste Water Treatment Plants.

I have been buying systems from Ecosafe for many years now, and have found them to be very reliable, professional, thorough and courteous.

It starts from the initial site visit, costing process and after sales support through Peter.

If ever I have had an issue the response has always been prompt.

I have always preferred the Ecosafe system, the most important factor for me being the once yearly service. I think if you live on acreage, privacy is an important factor, and a once a year visit (not four a year!) is something I appreciate.

As well the many systems I have had fitted over different sites have all run without fault. The Ecosafe system has always provided me with piece of mind. As a builder I like that assurance when recommending their product to my clients.

So again, a thank-you from me and always looking forward to dealing with you next time.

Lee Watt
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ecosafe commercial system – 13 years old

I have had the Ecosafe systems for my business for 13 years. I have a Cafe with its own system (13 years) and 3 separate cottages with their own system (11 years).

Over this period of time I have found the running costs to be low and the system to be very efficient causing no problems whatsoever.

One of the technicians from Ecosafe services the systems once a year and always gives me a thorough report on how they are going and informs me if there is anything I need to do to keep them running efficiently.

I would happily recommend this company to anyone requiring an environmental wastewater treatment system.

Killarney, QLD

Ecosafe system – 8 years old

The Ecosafe system was installed 2006 by the previous owner when they built the house.

Compared to other systems that I have subsequently come across –

1) The Ecosafe system is economical to run for a number of reasons.
a) Just one annual inspection as dictated by government rules.
b) With the exception of the pump there are no moving parts requiring electricity. The pump only runs when the storage tank reaches its set capacity. In our case approximately once per day for about 10 minutes, more often in periods of heavy continuous rain. So no requirement for air pumps, impellers or stirrers.

2) Due to its design very low maintenance and no smells obnoxious or otherwise.

3) The “water” that is sprayed out (automatically) onto the soil is clear and odour free.

4) The simple uncomplicated design requires two large concrete tanks both underground and only project about 15 cm above the surface. Although the system requires a fairly large sand filter area in which you cannot plant trees and large bushes you can lawn it, have flower beds, small shrubs, succulents etc.

5) The system copes without any problems if the property is not occupied for a couple of months. There is no requirement to feed the system with “Dog, Cat food” etc.

We have used the system for 6 years and provided that you follow a few simple rules it gets on with it and does the job.

Ningi, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

Over eleven years ago we examined four different household effluent treatment systems for installation to our new residence and chose Ecosafe. Although not the cheapest at the time our decision has been well vindicated in that the system has operated most efficiently with no unpleasant odours and treated water emission very clear to the extent it appears potable.

Greg and Veronica
Maleny, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

To whom it may concern

To the team at Ecosafe I would just like to thank you for the effortless and ongoing superb service you provide from your unique Wastewater and Sewerage Treatment plants and systems.

We have built several homes in this area of Tamborine Mountain and EcoSafe is always our first choice when choosing an effective and cost effective treatment plant.

Over the years we have had no cause to contact you with any problems and one of our properties is now rented out so the tenants also have peace of mind that EcoSafe is providing for them a highly successful and safe system because:

  • Just one service a year so no invasion of privacy
    • It is all natural so safe for children and pets
    • A completely odourless system
    • Low electricity costs
    • Warranties and guarantees are in place
    • A quality and efficient system all round

Thank you and well done EcoSafe – keep up the good work.

We have no hesitation in recommending you to all of our clients.

Licenced Real Estate Agent
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe commercial system – 16 years old

Bell Community Housing Association Inc. manages a Seniors Housing complex of 8 units (4 duplexes) where the Ecosafe system was installed prior to the complex’s opening almost 16 years ago. This system has been maintained annually by Filtercare and has operated extremely well. The system is housed in one of the unit’s backyards and there have not been any comments/ complaints received regarding noise or odour. The Committee has found the Ecosafe system to be reliable, cost effective and most appropriate for its requirements.

Bell, QLD

Ecosafe system – 9 years old

We are very happy with our Ecosafe system. Our system was installed in 2005 and it operates with no smell or noise. An important reason for choosing Ecosafe was because it has an annual inspection (compared with quarterly for some systems). We are also very happy with the service received during the annual inspection.

Harvey & Linda
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 10 years old

Thanks for the opportunity to give an endorsement on the operation of the Ecosafe home treatment plant on our property in North Maleny.

The Ecosafe was installed in 2003 with little fuss and commenced operating normally on completion of our house in early 2004. Since commencing normal use the system has worked flawlessly and well within our expectations with no odour at any time from its processes and with a water output that is to all intents and purposes clear water. The fact we can use the output water for gardening within the prescribed spray area is a real bonus.

Only the yearly prescribed maintenance visits have been required with the system passing all health requirements with flying colours. Only one pump-out of accumulated solids has been required since commissioning the system and the submerged pump has just been replaced after 10 years reliable operation.

Thanks for your excellent installation and maintenance service and we look forward to many further years of trouble free service from the Ecosafe. We would, and have, recommended the product to any person looking for this type of HSTP.

Joe and Kay
Maleny, QLD

Ecosafe system – 11 years old

Our Ecosafe system was installed in 2003 with the building of a new home. Our previous experience had been with a system that had several pumps, and required multiple checks each year to satisfy the Local Council regulations.

After some research we decided on an Ecosafe system, coincidentally with several of our neighbours about the same time. The advantages, we decided, were a simple, well designed system with only one service per year, and as it was to be installed near a balcony and bedroom, it was important that there was no smell or noise. Our system has met all of these requirements, and has been trouble free requiring only minimal maintenance from a pleasant, reliable serviceman (Filtercare).

I would have no hesitation in recommending an Ecosafe system to any prospective customer.

Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 10 years old

Just thought that I would send you this email, to advise you that we feel we made a very smart choice, when we got ‘Ecosafe’ to install our waste system for us.

As you are aware we initially got you to install our main system, complete with the sand filter at the location of the shed we built over 10 years ago, as we had included a shower + toilet inside this structure.

We were extremely pleased to find out from you that when we commenced construction of our home, that we did not have to install a secondary system, as your company designed a system including a ‘dosing pump well’ which pumped the waste water and effluent to the original filtration system.

My wife is a very keen gardener, and constantly uses the clean filtered pump-out water to water her plants.

Compared to the old septic system we had at our previous home, it is nice not having to put up with the smell, as the odourless clear water is obviously produced by the sand filter you installed.

It is also comforting to know that you service our system on a regular basis, avoiding the costly exercise of having to get tanks emptied + cleaned.

Kevin + Meredith
Tamborine Mountain, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

We are more than happy to write our story on the Ecosafe system that your company supplied and installed for us in Feb. 2000.

When trying to make a decision on which equipment we felt would meet our needs, considering both initial installation cost and ongoing maintenance needs and cost. We felt that this system would be adequate for our needs and expectations, considering the ease of regular maintenance and the minimal cost of electricity for the automatic pump out unit.

Other system that we looked into appeared heavily over engineered for what was required. They relied heavily on electrical and electronic systems that would often be located in adverse locations and enclosures, hence creating a minefield for problems with expensive repair and attendance costs by servicemen.

Our Ecosafe unit to date has only cost us the regular Annual service and report by Ecosafe, chlorine tablets (1 per month) and 1 pump out unit replacement (after 6 years of operation!).

We are very happy with our choice of system and would recommend Ecosafe and their system, and for their diligent attitude for customer relations and service.

Ray & Lyn
Maleny, QLD

Ecosafe system – 12 years old

The Ecosafe system was installed in 2002 at Doonan. In that time we have had no problems and have found the system easy to manage. By following the advice on what products to use, the system has been exemplary. Normally a pump out of sludge occurs every three years, ours past all expectations and the pump out occurred at seven years.

I would be happy to recommend the Ecosafe system to any perspective clients. I stress the service provided also has been friendly and highly professional.

Bev and Sue
Doonan, QLD


The reason that I always recommend to ALL my clients that we use ECO SAFE is they are always reliable, fitted and installed by experts at every stage, never a problem with my usually very step sites.

Sites are always left clean and tidy and the best part we NEVER have to go back for rectification work. (so happy builder happy clients and no drama).

Craig Neilson
The Pole Home Group
Sunshine Coast, QLD

Ecosafe system – 14 years old

John and I would like to tell you that we are very happy with our Ecosafe system, installed by you in 2000. We have had great satisfaction, and no worries or problems in the 14 years. We are very pleased we chose to install this system, and would like to thank and congratulate you on your efficient and professional maintenance. It is very rewarding to be able to have trust in both the system and the business involved. I would always be able to recommend this system to others with complete confidence, and offer to do that should that be relevant.

John and Jeanette
Landsborough, QLD

Ecosafe system – 5 years old

Our Ecosafe has been in constant use for the last five years and we haven’t had any problems with the system and we highly recommend Ecosafe to anyone thinking of installing a treatment plant.

We have been happy with the annual service by Filtercare. Many thanks.

Peter and Pam
Mapleton, QLD

Ecosafe system – 4 years old

We were recommended to the Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment System through a soil test consultant who attended our property, and we haven’t looked back since. We had it installed back in 2010 and have been impressed with the running of the system. The fact that it has no pumpwell; the effluent gravitates into trenches means it costs us nothing to run.

We have been so impressed, we would highly recommend this system to anyone.

Alan & Joan
Imbil, QLD

Ecosafe system – 10 years old

We purchased an Ecosafe sceptic system some 10 years ago as our home is situated next to a large dam. The Maleny area is considered to be environmentally sensitive and we selected Ecosafe to meet the requirement not to pollute the dam environment. The dam has an abundance of water birds and fish which has given us much pleasure over the years. The system itself has required only an annual maintenance check during this period and has been problem-free. I would recommend this system as the system has performed efficiently and effectively and has preserved the natural environment around our house.

Maleny, QLD