About Us

ECOSAFE is a family owned and operated business; taking pride in offering the most efficient solution for wastewater treatment and recycling.

In 1994 Brian Hawthorne developed the ECOSAFE Wastewater Treatment Plant.  Initially the system was developed at the request of a Local Government for a treatment system suitable for use in the residential estates adjoining the Bunya Mountains National Park.  This was in response to National Parks’ objections to conventional aerated systems being used in close proximity to this ecologically sensitive area in South East Queensland. The first ECOSAFE system was installed at the Bunya Mountains in March 1996.

Brian’s knowledge came from his work as a Civil Engineer and Land Surveyor.  Prior to developing ECOSAFE Brian had over 25 years’ experience in the construction and maintenance of sewerage schemes.  He used his professional expertise to develop this treatment process that boasts excellent quality final effluent, in the most passive, environmentally friendly manner.  ECOSAFE is a totally natural treatment process for the treatment of Wastewater.

ECOSAFE has progressively built a strong team, encompassing family, employees and many local contractors. ECOSAFE has been successful in consistently developing itself on the reliability and quality of product, staff and customer service. ECOSAFE have installed over 5000 wastewater treatment plants since Brian first developed the system 25 years ago.