What are Ecosafe’s Operating Costs?

The Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment System has minimal operating and maintenance expenses.

Ecosafe has only one mechanical component, the irrigation pump. There are no dosing pumps required between treatment stages and there are no air blowers and/or vents to the surrounding atmosphere. The entire Ecosafe process is completely passive by use of gravity and hydraulic displacement.

The ongoing expenses for an Ecosafe are:

  1. The annual service fee. (Contact Ecosafe to obtain a firm quote for the servicing in your area)
  2. Cost of power to operate the pump – approximately $30.00 per year for an average family of  4-6 people.
  3. Cost of desludging of the Primary Tank (frequency 5 – 9 years).

Data is obtained from survey of service, repair and pump-out businesses conducted in January 2014. Please contact us if you require a copy of our operating cost breakdown report.

Ecosafe, having only 1 pump at the end of the system for irrigation is one of the only systems that can be run on solar power, ask us for more details about our solar power/timer options.