Eco-Friendly Septic System Caboolture

Find out how you can save hundreds of dollars every year with with Ecosafe’s eco-friendly septic system Caboolture.

Our system has the lowest operational costs of any wastewater treatment plant on the market, and is very low maintenance.

Building a new home, renovating or need to replace an existing HSTP – find out here why thousands across the Moreton Bay region are raving about Ecosafe!

An Ecosafe system won’t just save you money, it is environmentally friendly thanks to our unique 3 part, gravity driven sand filtration system.

What Our Clients Say

“In the 18 years since installation, the system has worked brilliantly, and other than the annual inspection, has needed minimal maintenance. I see no reason that it will not continue to work as efficiently for the next 20+ years.” – Bruce, Bunya Mountains

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Why Choose Ecosafe?

Green Low Running Costs


Ecosafe only requires 1 pump for operation.

Green Low Maintenance


One annual service, not 4 like other systems.

Green 10 Year Guarantee


Ecosafe provides a 15 year guarantee on every system.

Green Odourless


System is completely sealed, no unpleasant odours.

Green High Quality Parts


We don’t compromise quality for price.

Green Solar Compatible


Can be run off solar and timed to only irrigate during daylight hours.

Green No Restrictions


Ecosafe handles large volumes of waste at any time.

Green No Air Filters


These typically run 24/7 in other systems and require replacement every 2-3 years.

How Ecosafe Works

Aerobic Sand Filtration is regarded as one of the worlds ‘best practices’ in the treatment of wastewater.

Our unique 3 part design of the Ecosafe Wastewater Treatment Plant has achieved QLD and NSW Government approval for ‘gravity feed’ – avoiding the need for a pump.

Ecosafe constantly achieves excellent final effluent results in the most passive, environmentally friendly manner.

Client Testimonials

Extremely happy with the quality of the product and the service provided by the company. Every step of the process was well managed and communicated.
A Pay77
A Pay77
23:40 18 Jan 20
Most economical and reliable system on the market..
David Prentice
David Prentice
08:46 10 Jun 19
Extremely happy with this system, it has been in for over 5 yrs now, it does exactly what it is suppose to do and economically to run and maintain. Top of the range in my opinion !!!
Tina Cooper
Tina Cooper
00:51 11 Apr 19
Wolfgang Engel
Wolfgang Engel
00:19 11 Apr 19

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