Servicing Requirements

What are Ecosafe’s Servicing Requirements?

Your Ecosafe Plant must be serviced annually by an Ecosafe approved and qualified Service Contractor, who is familiar with the unique design of the system and the biological principles involved in its operation.

Ecosafe’s approved service contractor is:

Peter Hawthorne
Licensed Drainer
Phone: 07 5478 8106
Mobile: 0422 025 099

The service is carried out in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS 1547:2000 On-site domestic-wastewater management. In order to comply with legislation.


What are the Maintenance Requirements?


The Council requires that the Ecosafe Plant is checked annually for sludge depth. When the sludge reaches a depth of approximately one metre the primary tank will need desludging by a properly licensed and Council-approved Contractor.

When your system is serviced by Ecosafe’s Service Contractor (FILTERCARE – see above) the sludge depth will be noted in the report forwarded to Council.

The Primary Tank may need desludging after 5 years depending on the extent of usage.

Please give Filtercare a call to obtain the fairest priced trusted contractor to perform this work.


How to reduce sludge build-up in the Primary Tank

The natural biological principles used in the Ecosafe Plant require that only bio-degradable material is acceptable for treatment.

The following practices are recommended by AS/NZS 1547:2000 in order to reduce sludge build-up in the Primary tank:

  • Avoid disinfectant products to optimise the bacterial treatment in the Primary Tank;
  • Scrape all dishes to remove fats, grease etc before washing;
  • Keep all possible kitchen solids out of the system;
  • Don’t use a garbage grinder unless the system has been specifically designed to carry the extra load;
  • Don’t put sanitary napkins and other hygiene products into the system.


Use of Disinfectants, Chemicals & Other Products

The Ecosafe Plant has sufficient capacity and robustness to accept the usual household products such as soaps and detergents in normal quantities.

However, the primary treatment of waste in the Primary Tank is dependent on the presence of bacteria. Any household cleaning products containing disinfectants will reduce bacterial population, and therefore reduce the effectiveness of the treatment process in the Primary Tank.

The following practices are recommended by AS/NZS 1547:2000 in order to keep the bacteria working effectively in the Primary Tank:

  • Do not use powerful bleaches, whiteners, nappy soakers and disinfectants;
  • Do not put chemicals or paint down the drain;
  • Do not dispose of chemicals arising from a hobby or home industry into the system, without first seeking the advice of the Environmental Officer of your local Council;
  • Do not dispose of unused antibiotics into the system. 


Sand Filter Maintenance

The size and location of the Sand Filter should be noted, and the following advice followed:

  • Motor vehicles should not be driven on the Sand Filter, as this may damage the distribution pipes, which are close to the surface.
  • Trees or plants should not be grown on top of the sand filter.

While we will check your sand filter every year during our once yearly service inspection by maintaining the correct use of chemicals you should have many years of trouble free running of your Ecosafe sand filter which should never need replacing.